The Joy of Blogging

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What is it that I love about writing?

In between all the scribbling, fancy wordplay, image sourcing, optimising and publishing, it’s a question I like to stop and reflect on from time to time. Writing takes time and not everyone is prepared to dedicate their free time to it, especially when there’s no guarantee anyone will even read it!

So why do it, then?

Between reading my favourite blogs and teaching myself new skills with YouTube; drinking various of cups of coffee (soon to be switched from Nescafe to Douwe Egberts!) and tea (I’m sticking with Yorkshire); taking a time out from exercising; and writing, I decided to ask myself this question again. This is what came out of my amateur psychological investigation!

Blogging joy 1: It’s soulful

It’s a chance for some soul-searching and some deep introspection. A way of reflecting on the tribulations of modern living. An outlet to keep your spirits up when times are hard.

Let’s face it, writers, actors and actresses, designers, etc., we’re all about the amateur dramatics sometimes *scouts the audience for nods of agreement*. And blogging places at our fingertips a million-dollar opportunity to combine the passion for creativity with this destructive passion for imposing self-induced woes!

Except for someone who used it on an online dating profile I read once, who was it who said ‘Colour my life with the chaos of trouble’? I don’t know, but whoever it was, there are writers out there thanking them for encapsulating their feelings like that, no doubt.

Personally, I’ve had enough of drama. Although there will likely be some writers out there doing the Birdy when life throws a curved ball square at them, I’ll be happy to smash it back in the direction it came from and get on with the serious business of enjoying life!

Blogging joy 2: It’s a cool form of writing

Two people blogging outdoors on laptops and smiling

Now, not for one moment am I suggesting that blogging makes me some kind of digital messiah of cool! And I’m not blogging just to be socially accepted by others (but if I do go up in your esteem, then Jurassic Park!).

But there is something so enjoyable about it. I love the informality and warmth of the writing and the freedom that goes with writing a personal blog. The blog post is your oyster, basically!

You can infuse the writing with your own style and own personality. You can build up a following and make a few (or many) friends.

It’s a chance to have a little fun and there’s just an all-round sociableness I like about blogging that makes it cool for me.

Blogging joy 3: Who doesn’t love a good story!

Two people outdoors chatting by a camp fire

We love telling stories and we love hearing them. That’s not just bloggers: it’s the whole world!

Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of mankind. (Or so I’m led to believe – I wasn’t actually there, so I can’t verify this!)

More than that, we thrive on relating in the wittiest or most interesting way, using the wonderful tools that words are, and on connecting with people through them.

A blog is a bit like a digital party, where you share your experiences to the people around in the cybersphere, and then one of the guests standing around you chips in afterwards with a story of their own, normally about a related experience (if they’re not completely smashed or have not zoned out!).

Blogging can bring people together. It’s a place where you can make the world that little bit better for someone, even if it’s just on a very small scale. Not exactly Live Aid, I know, but uniting people is fantastic all the same, right? And I’ll take that.

Reasons… there have got to be more reasons

These are just a few of the main reasons that popped into the ole wordmill and the get fires of blogging passion burning bright!

Maybe you’re a blogger and have your own inspiration for writing? What is it? I’d love to hear!

Or perhaps you’ve read this and thought ‘Yeah, he’s right. I fancy doing that now’ and are setting up your own blog. Magic! Good luck with your scribblings, and don’t forget to share them with me.

Images by Pixabay, Stokpic and, used under CC license 1.0


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