About Me

A picture of myself, Peter, the owner and writer of this blogovable ole me
Greetings and salutations from Selfie Towers!

Hey, my name is Pete and I’ve got the URL to prove it!

I’m a cheerful chappy with a penchant for not taking life too seriously. I believe the secret to staying young is laughter and exercise in generous measures and not taking anything too personally.

I enjoy blogging, judo, swimming, exercising, dancing, books, music, films, chocolate, digital marketing and whatever experiences life will throw at me in general. On this blog, you’ll see me comment on some, all or none of these things and on life the way I see it.

If you continue your day feeling more cheerful, inspired or even empowered after reading my blog, then I’m achieving what I set out to do. So crack open the Heineken and a packet of peanuts or pour yourself a nice cuppa tea with something dunkable and leave the rest up to me.

Thank you for reading. And do come again for further good vibes, or catch up with me on Twitter.

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